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Lime Paint


Lime paint application of exterior wall

– Palm Beach Residence, by Dimensions Artisans

Italian Lime Plaster with Lime Wash2019-12-13T16:58:02+00:00

Italian Lime Plaster with Lime Wash


The homeowners and architects of this 50,000 square foot Florida residence selected Italian lime plaster with a lime wash to create an “aged” appearance to the exterior of their new oceanfront home. A custom color was created by Dimensions, and Palm Beach Stucco did the installation.

Exterior Lime Paint applied by Beau Daniel Artistry2019-12-13T16:58:12+00:00
Italian Lime Plaster2019-12-13T17:00:32+00:00

Italian Lime Plaster


Why use painted stucco which has to be re-painted every few years? Italian lime plaster with integrated pigments provides a beautiful organic limestone Veneer finish that never needs painting, and has visual interest.

– Griffin Wilson Stucco, installation

Exterior Italian Lime Plaster2019-12-13T17:00:42+00:00

Exterior Italian Lime Plaster


The exterior of this Florida builders residence was plastered with a custom shade of yellow Italian lime plaster. The integrated mineral pigments create a maintenance free finish that never needs painting and ages to a beautiful patina over time.

The smooth satin finish with integrated mineral pigments, has a visual texture which dries to a limestone veneer, maintaining all the properties of the original limestone.

Italian Lime Plaster Fresco2019-12-13T17:00:51+00:00

Italian Lime Plaster Fresco


The inspiration for this  beautiful fresco by Katherin Peric, Studio Antico, came from the excavated frescoes found in Pompeii.  Mineral pigments over Italian lime plaster were used.  After 10 years the colors are still rich and vibrant.

Marmorino Ceiling with Veilcalce Stencil2019-12-13T17:01:00+00:00

Marmorino Ceiling with Veilcalce Stencil


This beautiful loggia ceiling was given a face-lift with Marmorino, and a design painted  with Veilcalce.

Jorge Izaguirre, artisan

Exterior Venetian Plaster with Fresco2019-12-13T17:02:32+00:00

Exterior Venetian Plaster with Fresco


The exterior, of this ocean-front Florida residence, is enhanced with the application of Italian lime plaster and a lime wash to add “age”. The fresco was hand painted using lime plaster and mineral pigments.

– Katherin Peric, artisan

Exterior Travertino Finish2019-12-13T17:07:32+00:00

Exterior Travertino Finish


With integrated pigment in the lime plaster, the finish is virtually maintenance free.

-Roberto Manzano, European Finishes, artisan

Exterior Marmorino finish with Lime Wash2019-12-13T17:07:40+00:00

Exterior Marmorino finish with Lime Wash


The architectural beauty of this ocean front residence is enhanced by the authentic Italian lime plaster finish, creating and “aged” patina.

Ageless, time–tested Italian lime plaster with integrated pigments enhances this Mediterranean villa.

– Palm Beach Stucco, installation