French Plaster, former Vera Wang Estate, Palm Beach

All of the common areas of the estate were given an application of French plaster, custom mixed. The smooth, matte finish beautifully coordinates with the […]

Living room, former Vera Wang estate, Palm Beach

A white Venetian plaster finish was created with Grassello to create a serene space in this 70 year old estate.

Former Vera Wang estate, Palm Beach

The library in the former Vera Wang estate, Palm Beach, was given new life with the application of Grassello in a custom color.

– Artisan applicator: […]

Venetian Plaster with embedded stencil

The walls of this Palm Beach dining room were created by applying Grassello, with an embedded stencil design, created to match the paisley pattern in […]

Dark Brown Venetian Plaster Wall

Artisan Doyle Terry created the venetian plaster finish in a suite at The W Hotel in Dallas.

Venetian Plaster Dining Room

The dining room walls of this 70 year old estate in Palm Beach were beautified by an application of custom tinted Grassello.

– Juan Murillo, applicator

Venetian Plaster Ceiling

The application of Venetian plaster to a ceiling creates the illusion of height, as the light reflects off of the plaster.

Carved Venetian Plaster

The walls of this bathroom were created by Sue Noble using tinted Grassello.

Dark Blue Venetian Plaster

This dining room was created with Grassello, tinted to match a custom color, and installed by The Venetian Plaster Company, in Michigan.

Venetian Plaster tinted dark blue with mineral pigments from Italy

This dining room was created with Grassello, tinted to match a custom color, and installed by The Venetian Plaster Company, in Michigan.

Multi-colored Venetian Plaster with Spanish Lace Pattern

Dimensions’ artisan, Juan Murillo, created this extraordinary finish using Spanish lace as the embedded pattern for the Venetian plaster, with Gold pearlescent wax, in the […]

Stucco Terra & Grassello

This restaurant, in Nantucket, was beautified with a custom plaster finish using 2 different plasters, and a stencil.

– Evita Caune, Riptide Finishes, artisan

Venetian Plaster

The back wall of the entrance lobby at the Hyatt Resort, Palm Springs was given importance and great color, using Grassello.

– Mike Cooper, Murals & […]

Venetian Plaster

The main lobby of the Southeast Bank building was beautified with Venetian plaster.

– Marcio Alves, artisan

Italian lime plaster with fresco

Dimensions artisans created this beautiful fresco, depicting the natural elements of the surrounding environment. The finest mineral pigments and Italian lime plaster was used.

It was […]

Italian lime plaster and Veilcalce (lime paint)

The completed “signage” of the Mayfair Mall, in Coconut Grove, Florida. An artistic compliment to the buildings’ eclectic architecture.

Before the exterior wall was bare and […]

Venetian Plaster

The elevator lobby, of this Miami condominium, was finished with an application of Grassello on the walls and ceiling.

– Juan Murillo, artisan

“Striae” Grassello

The sitting room in the Palm Beach Red Cross Designer Show house has Striae Grassello on the walls.

– Jefro Williams, artisan