Marmorino with Bee Wax

Sudha Marsh, designer.

Installed by Dimensions artisans

Venetian Plaster Stencil

Installed by Drymension Plaster

-Fisher Island, Miami Beach

Venetian Hall

Venetian plaster installed by Dimensions artisans

-Palm Beach

No need to rip up old tile floors

Hand troweled Marmorino floor in any color. Applied by Dimensions artisans

Italian Lime Plaster with Lime Wash

The homeowners and architects of this 50,000 square foot Florida residence selected Italian lime plaster with a lime wash to create an “aged” appearance to […]

Calce Petra

Natural limestone finish

– Juan Murillo, Jeffrey Ramirez, artisans


This beautiful finish was installed in the dining room of a historical landmark home in Palm Beach

– Juan Murillo, Jeffrey Ramirez, artisans

Venetian Plaster

Custom color, unwaxed

– Juan Murillo, Jeffrey Ramirez, artisans

Venetian Plaster

Satin finish

-Juan Murillo, Jeffrey Ramirez, artisans


The  walls of the  bathroom  were finished  with Travertino, then sealed with our  waterproof VOC-free sealer to give one  continuous luxurious limestone veneer  finish  with  […]

Italian Lime Plaster

Why use painted stucco which has to be re-painted every few years? Italian lime plaster with integrated pigments provides a beautiful organic limestone Veneer finish […]

Exterior Italian Lime Plaster

The exterior of this Florida builders residence was plastered with a custom shade of yellow Italian lime plaster. The integrated mineral pigments create a maintenance […]